0203 077 2090 info@clt.london
0203 077 2090 info@clt.london

About Us

Our company is run by a group of translators with 70 years’ experience between us in the translation field. Although we specialise in the languages of the Middle East (Arabic, Farsi, French, Hebrew), we work in many other languages, including all European languages including those that do not use Latin characters (Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, etc.). We also work into and from Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We cover all fields, but primarily legal, medical, engineering and culinary.

Working with Central London Translations, with our significant in-house translation abilities, is the equivalent of working directly with individual translators, except that you have the quality control assurance of working with a limited company.

Furthermore, confidentiality is assured. The large agencies have a habit of sending a translation out to a large number of translators on their books in order to see who responds first (and for the lowest price!). This means that your confidential material is seen by a lot of people, and it could even end up in the hands of business rivals or competitors. Some agencies (though not all) get their translators to sign Non-disclosure Agreements, but such agreements are not worth the paper they are written on especially as they have to contain get-out clauses that virtually invalidate them.

Central London Translations never uses this “scatter-gun” approach to assigning translations. Even if we have to resort very occasionally to the use of sub-contractors, we only use members of our small team of skilled and experienced translators whose work we know and whose integrity is assured. Checking and proofreading are all performed in-house.

By avoiding the big agencies you will cut out the middleman, thereby saving money, ensuring confidentiality and ending up with a better and faster translation service.